Transcript for comic #7 - Mike, the game developer

Panel 1:
[1] GASP: Wait wait WAIT! Why don’t you just make a game? As a GAmeSPhere I come standard equipped with simple and intuitive yet powerful game creation tools, enabling even a substandard meatbag such as yourself to create games.
[2] Mike: Hmm… I guess I [i]could[/i] do that. I was getting a bit bored with bowling anyway.

Panel 2:
[1] GASP: Please take the GASP DHS and place it on your head with the holoscreens in front of your eyes.
[2] Mike: Err… Okay. Why do you need to put holoscreens on the headset, I thought you said you had a projector or something.

Panel 3:
[1] GASP: While developing games this way is simple and intuitive, yet powerful, it requires both your and my undivided attention. While you undoubtedly will never reach this skill level, some developers need to shutdown parts of the GameSphere in order to develop high-quality games. The holographic display may also be required to shut down in debugging as…
[2] Mike: All right, all right, I’m sorry I asked. Let’s just start this easy yet awesome development tool of yours, and remember: if this isn’t good, it’s back to bowling!
[3] GASP: Of course master. Now just visualise in your mind what you want, and the GSDHS will use certain thought patterns as input.

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