Transcript for comic #3 - Hello Robert

Panel 1:
[1] Bob: Hey Mike.
[2] Mike: Hey Bob.
[3] GASP: Hello Robert.
[4] Mike: Actually it’s just Bob.
[5] GASP: I see.

Panel 2:
[1] Bob: What the hell is that?
[2] Mike: This is a GameSphere gaming console with specs like it’s from the future or something...
[3] GASP: My origins are a mystery to myself as well, due to an unforeseen side effect from intimacy with a magnet...

Panel 3:
[1] Mike: So anyway, after days of avoiding traps, killing guards and solving puzzles, I get to the princess, and we have a power outage!
[2] GASP: It would have been both logical and prudent of the meatbag to purchase and install an Uninterrupted Power Supply.

Panel 4:
[1] Bob: OMG dude the ultimate gaming machine! That’s it, I’m moving in!
[2] Mike: That’s great Bob, but... you already live here. In fact, you pay the rent.
[3] GASP: Stupendicus Idiotum.

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