Transcript for comic #2 - Let's Play!

Panel 1:
[1] Mike: Dude, let’s play a game!
[2] GASP: Of course master. Please insert media.

Panel 2:
[1] Mike: Media? What media?
[2] GASP: You did not purchase any games with your console? Not to worry, GameSphere games are available at any respectable software retailer.

Panel 3:
[1] Mike: So, what sort of games do you play? Xbox, PS2, GBA, Sega, …
[2] GASP: The only types of input I can accept without accessories are holospheres or memdisks…

Panel 4:
[1] Mike: What the hell are those?
[2] GASP: They’re the only proper media for such advanced games as are currently available! Surely even a being of your diminished intelligence can comprehend this simple fact?
[3] Mike: Must… not… destroy… gamesphere.

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