Transcript for comic #16 - GASP, magnificent wordsmith

Panel 1:
[1] GASP: Wait, wait... There are other options. Surely second hand optical equipment can be acquired at bargain prices, where no work would be necessary. You could pilfer Bob for it, or even raid his secret stash in his safe behind his Sailor Moon poster; the fool opened it while I was in the room so I know the combination...

Panel 2:
[1] GASP: Perhaps you could set your magnificent, near limitless intelligence to the task of safely adapting the UTP or other cables, building a safe converter for my optical port. I'm sure that with the merest of your dedication you would have a working prototype in no time! Why it would hardly be any effort at all, and what a grand testament to your excellence it would be!

Panel 3:
[1] GASP: Please don't try and jam that UTP in there, I don't want to die! Puh-leazzze!

Panel 4:
[1] Mike: Come to think of it, why don't we try wireless?
[2] Mike: Oh, I'm sorry, did you say something?

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