Transcript for comic #13 - Magnet Mike

Panel 1:
[1] Mike: Hey… you. Is Bob here?
[2] GASP: Bob has left for work. Would you like me to give him a message?

Panel 2:
[1] Mike: No that’s fine. I’m taking a break from work so let me have another crack at making a game…
[2] GASP: Certainly master. Would you like to enjoy another GASP DHS overload?

Panel 3:
[1] Mike: No, if it’s up to me I’ll stay shock free. What does GASP DHS stand for anyway? Gamesphere… Advanced… System… Premier… Digital… Headgear… System?
[2] GASP: As usual, master’s humor eludes me. GASP DHS is an acronym for GAmeSPhere Development HeadSet. I suppose I should applaud you for correctly guessing the first word.

Panel 4:
[1] GASP: Are you ready, master? Or is your feeble mind requiring more time to prepare for my enveloping experience?
[2] Mike: Thanks, I’m loving your insults… I’m starting to think that unfortunate run-in with a magnet was your previous master’s doing.
[3] Mike:
[4] Mike: Do we have any magnets?

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