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Kirsten Vandaele - June 13th, 2009 -
After yet more server downtime we decided that enough is enough. We're pretty loyal but at some point you've got to move on, so we've moved servers and hosting companies. Everything's been given a proper testing, but some of you may not be able to access the new site for up to 48 hours (although, clearly, if you're reading this, you're on the new server). Sorry for the downtime, and thanks again for your support.
Kirsten Vandaele - June 8th, 2009 -
Sorry for missing a comic release date, but I was out of comission for 4 days with a deadly disease. Well, more annoying than deadly, but you get the point. While usually we follow a Su-Tu-Th release schedule, officially we're on M-W-F, so I'm counting today's release as "on schedule". Hope you enjoy, and thanks to whomever it was that added me to their facebook (that's 9 more towards the 2500)!
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Description: GASP Comic is about a rude, arrogant (and, oh yeah, sentient) gaming console and two guys. More characters will be introduced as time progresses but I'll start with the basics for now. GASP Comic is thus named thanks to a few brilliant marketers from wherever (and whenever) the GASP console hails from. It first received the name GAmeSPhere, being for games and shaped as a sphere, a term soon shortened to GASP. The other two main characters are Mike, who might best be compared to an insane genius (at times even an evil, insane genius); and Bob, who's quite a bit like Mike but without the evil part... And the insane part... And the genius part. But still, quite a lot the same.

Updated: We attempt to follow a M-W-F schedule (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). As we want the comic to be available at the start of your day, you may see the actual updates on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday depending on your timezone; Officially it's M-W-F. For precisely when the next one will be published, check on your right below the advertisement for 'Next comic will be published: X days, Y hours, Z minutes from now'. To see a complete list of publish dates and times of all added comics, see (the end of) the archive (dates and times are currently server time, so GMT -08:00).

GASPComic went live at 02:23:51 (GMT -08:00), on december 31st 2008. That moment was still 2008 no matter the (earthly) time zone.
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