Welcome to GASP-a-PALOOZA; Party GASP Comic.com style!

When and why were the previous GASP-a-PALOOZA's?
  • January 31st, 2009
    6 comics released on the same day -one every 4 hours- to celebrate GASP's one month existence.

GASP-a-PALOOZA is a celebration we hold here at GASP Comic.com for various events (any reason's good for a party, really).

Why GASP-a-PALOOZA? I mean, it's a pretty funny name, right?
Well, the GASP part is clear, hopefully. The -a- part is there to make it pronouncaable. Wouldn't want a GASP-a-LOOZA (which is what GASP-PALOOZA would sound like), now would we? Palooza itself isn't an official word (yet); Its urban definition is variable but usually something like "Crazy Party", often related to an excessive intake of alcohol. Here at GASP we are crazy, we like to party, and we get drunk off of awesomeness (we have too few braincells to spare for alcohol)!

When is the next GASP-a-PALOOZA?
Once we get our food stamps. Or donations.

Shouldn't all this be listed under the FAQ section?
Yes. Unfortunately we rushed the release of the GASP website a bit so we haven't actually coded a FAQ section yet. Furthermore, since there's no actual way for you to contact the author, there aren't any questions asked, let alone frequently. For your information, in case you didn't get that joke, FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Question(s). ... I feel evil like Mike now! Patience though, like the FAQ, communications are in development.

I hate GASP-a-PALOOZA. What do I do?
I... err... Ignore it?

That's not fair! You can't answer a question with another question!
I can too. Also, your last response was a statement, not a question, so the FAQs are over.


Tumbleweeds? What the hell are those?
Okay, since I understand what it's like to be a foreigner, I'll give you this last one; but then I've really got to get back to work so the comics for GASP-a-PALOOZA are ready on time. Tumbleweeds are typically seen in westerns when a town is desolate. You'll see some wind, some dust blowing by, and a tumbleweed or two rolling by. It's basically a roll of dried grass light enough to be blown by the wind.

What? Why'd you bother bringing that up?
Seriously, I've got to work. Like, leave me alone. For now... I'll answer all your questions once we have some forums and I've trained monkeys to type like me to pretend I'm always on the forums interacting with you.

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