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Author Comments:
I must admit, I was surprised. I always thought pigeon had a D in it (pidgeon), but nope. Pigeon. Also known as winged rat (although I guess calling it that, you probably live in a big city where their population is starting to grow beyond nuisance into a menace). But enough about bird poop.

Hours spent grinding for that Rusty Kitchen Knife. I know we've all been there. Well not actually quite there. I do remember times I've had to replace a really great item (of legendary or whatever quality) with a crappy one simply because it was that much better. And I mean crappy, the kind that's usually considered to be automatically vendored. Anyway, enough of rusty kitchen knives.

What this comic really reminds me of is that annoying thing games do. Collect 5000 pigeon feathers. And oh hey, guess what, only every 5th pigeon has a single feather. That's right kids, those things pigeons fly with aren't feathers at all, they're a magical feather-like substance. Oh nooo no no, those trolls don't each have two ears. Every 1 out of 13 trolls has an ear. What? You thought humans have 10 fingers? Guess again. Humans on average have 3 fingers when you need to collect 500 of them. Every once in a while a game will do it right, and have you collect a pristine tooth from an ogre. Ogres aren't exactly high on dental hygiene (I mean game ogres, Shrek seems to do alright), so sure, I could see you needing to kill 1-500 to get a pristine tooth. I still won't like it, but that makes sense so I'll find something else to complain about. Or maybe, just maybe, complain a bit less about that quest.

As for levelling to take long, that was supposed to be part of the joke. Yes, levelling sometimes takes forever, but I've never known a level 1 to level 2 ding to take... ("40 hours non-stop" + "24 hours later" + time it takes to kill trash mobs to get to boss + "10 hour boss fight" + all the time inbetween and/or unaccounted for = ...) 74+ hours. The last few levels can take many times more though, a sin that asian games/developers in particular seem to enjoy.

Alright. They're getting some sleep, and now (hopefully) I'm getting some too. Night night, and see you for #67!
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