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Author Comments:
Who's Gargamon? We'll get to that later... For now, I should note that I didn't intend to do a wordplay on "Heroes of Might & Magic" with "heroes of World of Dark Grindcraft Online", so that's a lucky coincidence. Or perhaps I'm just more clever than I thought. Woohoo!

Some of you (those that pay close attention to these kinds of details) may have noticed a time discrepancy. Earlier Bob mentioned Mike had been playing non-stop for 40 hours. Here, panel1 clearly (no magnifying glass needed for that line) states it's 24 hours later. In panel3, however, Bob states Mike's been playing for over 2 and a half days (2.5 * 24 = 60). Perhaps you're wondering "so which is it?", so let me clear that up for you. First of all, 40 hours is a round number so it's not that unlikely to have been rounded - it would be safe to assume that -logically- the actual value is between 38 and 42. 24 hours later is less likely to have been rounded much, because if that was the goal it would've simply read "1 day later". Still, that too provides a range, say 23-25 hours. On the other hand, two and a half days is quite imprecise. You rarely if ever hear anyone say "a quarter of a day" or "a third of a day", but keeping in mind those possibilities, let's just say it's between 56 and 64 hours. So our first range is 61-67, and our second is 56-64, with a 3 hour overlap.
Also, note that panel3 actually says "over two and a half days", which would be 60+, or rather 60-68 (68+ would likely translate to "almost 3 days" = 72 hours), which has the full 6 hours of 61-67 within it. So... yeh. Yet another example of how my brain works (quick math, logical outcomes, and completely unnecessary work because there wasn't really a problem to begin with).

Had quite some trouble with Bob's hair. It looks all... Hardcore anime, I guess. Spiked up like he's ready to release his mana bomb missile move. Meh, it looks good. Maybe it's a little too high, but that's probably because of a lack of shading. Course it's no wonder it's more difficult than Mike's hair, which was all part of his face's shape. Speaking of Mike, two other features are different on Bob. While working on him, the nose seemed to bother me a bit. First I tried adding shading to the left half of his nose, which was an improvement. Next I thought of how to improve it further, and a shadow gradient immediately came to mind. Didn't think it would work, but tried some settings, redid it a few times, and voila, quite similar to what I had in mind. It may not be perfect (... what! Say that to my face if you dare!) but I'm happy with the results. I also changed his mouth to what I had in mind (or at least closer to it) with Mike, but failed to achieve that time. I had a straight upper lip, and had it curved down as well, but this seemed to work best. I feel it's missing something, but I'll take it one step at a time, and we're two steps closer already. Let's see where we take it from here...

Speaking of Tiara's, I've actually seen a great many games give male healers some more feminine looking items. Sometimes all characters, but this is mostly contained to healers it seems. Earrings, tiaras, and of course pink items... On the other hand, it appears men are less likely to worry about looks than about functionality whereas women are more picky about the cosmetic side of things. But before I completely open that can of worms... Grind on! Stay tuned for 65 and see where the grinding leads next.
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