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When did GASP Comic start?
December 31st, 2008

What is this comic's rating?
PG... We think. At least that's what we're going for.

What are this comic's categories?
Comedy, Gaming, Sci-fi (to a lesser extent)

Can you give me a brief synopsis?
A console pops out of nowhere (future? teleportation of a prototype? alternate universe? who knows?), into an appartment inhabited by two guys. One who's possibly evil, probably insane, definitely a genius (part-time evil genius, part-time stupidhead); The other a fairly normal guy.

What is the update schedule of GASP Comic?
Every other day or better (where more frequent is better).

What is the goal for story progression?
When we began on GASP Comic, we had a choice between being more daily gag oriented, or choose continuous story development. While the long-term story unfolds, we try to end every 4panel comic with a joke, punchline or funny situation. We may forego said humorous situation to push the story forward, but this happens rather infrequently.

Why is there no way to contact you? Why isn't there a chatbox? Where is the commenting system? Why haven't you start a forum? Where is your community?
Here at GASP Comic, we have chosen to go with a centralized community system; A system where one comment, question, answer can be read by all. While we're dying to share your thoughts, this means we will not implement a one-to-one system such as email contacts. Another option is a chatbox.
We feel that while a chatbox certainly has its uses, for the most part it's a mish-mash of various ideas. Someone might use it to comment on a 4month old comic they've just enjoyed, others to discuss that great movie they saw last night. It's a very disorganized way to start a community, and has it's own peculiar problems, so we've decided against a chatbox as well.
A commenting system is underway. We plan to slot this into our phpBB integration, so you may have to wait a bit, but it's coming.
We're also working on a forum. The forums won't officially open for a while after the phpbb integration; An unused forum is more of a detriment than a feature. If you can't wait to talk to us, tell your friends about GASP Comic. Once we hit 2,500 unique visitors in a month, the forums will open.
Finally, our community is right here. Maybe you can't see it, but it's here.

Frequently Asked Questions - Cast - Contact Us - Author
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